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Which Fungicide Should I Use In My Lawn?

Which Fungicide Should I Use In My Lawn?

Which fungicide should I use in my lawn? Let's take a comprehensive look at the how and why behind disease control! When is your grass most susceptible to fungus? - Warm season grass when temps start to cool and growing slows. Especially when grass begins to go dormant. - Cool Season when things warm up and moisture increases My main issues: - Excessive moisture from the Hill - Excessive shadows from the trees When should I use Fungicides? It depends on whether you are looking to be Curative vs Preventative. What kind of Fungicide should I use? - Azoxystrobin: Brown Patch (Group 11) *** Applying this alone can promote resistance *** Heritage G Fungicide: (Affiliate Link) or Scotts Disease EX: (Affiliate Link) - Propiconazole: Dollar Spot & Brown Patch (Group 3) Quali-Pro Propiconazole: (Affiliate Link) - Mefenoxam: Pythium Blight (Group 4) Quali-Pro Mefenoxam 2 AQ: (Affiliate Link) Cycle through these to make sure you are preventing disease throughout the lawn season Why do I care about using different Groups? *** Prevent Fungicide Resistance *** FRAC (Fungicidal Resistance Action Committee) Code: An international consortium of fungicide manufacturers that provides information regarding fungicide resistance mitigation. The organization has created a code useful for easy classification of fungicides based on their cross-resistance behavior. Group 3 vs 4 vs 11 - Mix it up to prevent resistance - Not all Fungicides are created equal #Fungus #FungusControl #HowTo #DIY #lawnshark The Shark Shed YouTube Channel: Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or email me at: Website: Lawn Shark Merchandise: Don’t forget to “like” and SUBSCRIBE! Have a great week everyone! Instagram: And my personal YouTube Channel:
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